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Jerry's Flies

"Where Fishing Begins" Trout and Bass Spinner Flies

45 years in business

Located inside 

Rugged & Unique Amish Store

2939 Whitehall Blvd(Rt 250)



TROUT Spoon Flies-Jerry's Flies Bridgeport,WV

Jerrys Spoons/Flies - Excellent for trout fishing--A well known product for the State of Pennsylvania. The wobbling action in combination with a fly attracts all species of Trout. Many colors are available, with Green/White and Red/White being popular spoon colors for all color flies

Jerrys Trout Spinner Flies - Most popular trout fishing lure, available in many colors for the different times of the season. When ordering our trout spinner flies each has a #2 Gold or Nickel Colorado spinner attached. In addition to the standard #2 Gold or Nickel Colorado spinner already attached to the fly, you may elect to purchase larger or different styles of spinner blades. Visit our Spinner Replacement page. When fished in larger streams, rivers or lakes, larger size spinners are recommended which give off more flash to attract fish. Darker colors flies are recommended for early season, with brighter colors as weather warms up. SINGLE HOOK spinner flies are also available for those areas where treble hooks are not permitted.

Jerrys Fire Ants - This spinner uses an in-line vibrating size 3 spinner blade in conjunction with a bright red segmented plastic body, along with various colors of tails for the completed lure. Size 8 treble hook is attached

Jerrys Catfish Lures - This unique lure, spoon and minnow, is an outstanding lure for those large Blue or Channel Catfish. These fish are not only a bottom feeder; but feed in the same manner as a bass and on the same types of food as that of a bass. In fishing this lure, fish it along edges of banks of lakes or rivers, to a depth of about 1/2 the depth of the water you are fishing. Fish just fast enough to allow the spoon to give off a wobbling action. This type of catfishing is the most exciting method because the force that the Catfish strikes the lure. Setting your drag on the reel is VERY important to landing these monster fish. My personal record at this point is 44" and weighing 30 pounds---BLUE CAT

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